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Together We Make A Family- Nik Gittus

Updated: Jun 5

This week we feature an artist from way up North, Nik Gittus. Nik is a boxing trainer from the North East of England, who also spends a lot of his time drawing. He specialises in charcoal sketches and we caught up with him and put a few questions to him about his artwork.

What made you take up drawing?

I used to draw at a young age nothing major just stuff that popped into my head, but then in 2014 I started working for my best friends tattoo shop, Northern Glory Tattoo. I picked up the pencils again, nothing major, normally just writing script names, verses etc. I got to know an artist there really well and we quickly became really close friends, almost like a brother. Dean Taylor took me under his wing, teaching me about realism art. My 1st big piece was a black and grey realism eye using just standard graphite pencils.

Who was your biggest inspiration in your artwork?

My biggest inspiration in art was Dean Taylor. Unfortunately he's no longer with us anymore but he was my mentor and always wanted perfection, to better himself everyday and become the best.

Whats your best memory of being a boxer?

My biggest memory as a boxer was represting my country at both junior and senior levels, my biggest coaching memory is a choice of 2, in the amatuers I coached 4 lads to national championships finals with all 4 of those winning. In professional boxing my biggest memory to date is taking one of my fighters Joe Laws into the ring to box In front of 9,000 fans, live on Sky Sports.

Whats been your favourite fight / session you've ever taken part in?

I have fought, sparred and trained with many fighters that are famous, Tony Bellew and George Groves just to name a few.

Whats your preferred drawing style?

My main drawing style is black and grey realism but I also love script lettering. The main drive towards realism was my brother Dean Taylor.

Whats a basic day in the life of Nik Gittus?

A basic day in the life of myself is getting up getting the kids ready for school, dropping them off 0850, heading straight to the gym starting at 9am. Training my pro fighters for 2 hours till 11 then commencing my 121 training with people from 11 till 3pm. I then head straight to my job at asda as a home shopping delivery driver till 9/10pm, coming home and spending a few hours drawing before going to sleep and doing the same all over again the next day.

You can box anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

If I could have boxed anywhere in the world would probably have to be Maddison Square Gardens in New York.

Name a person you would love to spar with, dead or alive?

It would have to be Miguel Cotto, my favourite fighter of all time.

What would you say to the current young kids in this world, interested in taking up boxing?

I would say depending on your age don't take it too serious. Enjoy the journey and as you get older take it seriously and dedicate yourself fully to that sport.

Whats your favourite animal to draw?

It's not like dogs are my favourite animals to draw its just the common animal that people ask me to draw. My favourite animal is the great white shark.

Nik can be located in the boxing gym, dedicating his time to train upcoming boxers or chilling / drawing at home with his family.

Keep up the sketching Nik, they are truely awesome.

Check out Niks Instagram on nikgittusbox


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