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Welcome to ImpactSketch

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Welcome to our first ever ImpactSketch post. What are we about? We are your Community, your Artworld and your Dreams. We have huge ambitions which you will see if you stay and watch us prosper. Yes, we sell products but our aim is to grow and grow with you, our community. We bring, we share, we ask for your help and we will take your advice. We listen to you, because you are our priority and our customer. We are the ones with the ears to listen and the ability to bring your dreams and visions to everyone's delight. ImpactSketch - a sketch that's has an Impact upon you.

Our plan is to bring to you some of the most under rated, up and coming artists in the ImpactSketch Art World. We will show their work and interview the Artists (of all standards) on our Blog. Each week we aim to bring at least one new Artist to the forefront and together they will have the chance to show off their most favoured piece. What's more, you will gain an understanding into what the Artists thought processes and imaginations were when producing their spectacular piece. We will ask which equipment and techniques they used and I can guarantee you, in years to come you will remember ImpactSketch as being the place that blogged about that new found Artist.

Follow us on Instagram and contact us if you wish to be in the first few months blogs. We already have a keen waiting list and a wide and diversified range of followers.

There is no black and no white on ImpactSketch. Together we are just Artists, here for one and all.

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