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Several months ago we asked our customers what they wanted our next product to be. The overall winning vote was for ImpactSketch to produce a fantastic charcoal pencil set, with more than just the pencils.

So this is what we did. We managed to source the finest quality pencils direct from a company that deals with some of the bigger named brands. Wanting to keep to the ImpactSketch branding we then had to organise the logo, internal packaging and other products to go in the set. For this we choose an eraser, sharpener and 3 x tortillions to complete the set. Finally we needed a good strong box to house our products. We looked at, and priced cardboard but it just didn't match the ImpactSketch quality. In the end we chose a beautiful tin case which will keep the products safe & sound for a long, long time. It can also be used as a pencil case if required.

The photos below show our initial enquiries with several companies. These initial items were not going to be the original colours, but merely gathering some items as a quality check.

We sent samples to a few of our customers and all bar one choose what we now have as the final product.

Next came the eraser and sharpener, nothing major here. We just wanted an item to replicate the quality of the pencils and of course in the standard ImpactSketch black.

The Tortillions are a major factor in a Charcoal set and this was a tough one to choose from. How many do we put in the set and what sizes would our customers like? Again, we sent samples out to a few local artists and we opted for the below in three sizes.

We then started to look into the internal and external packaging and decided on a plastic insert and metal outer tin. This was far more professional looking than a standard card box that most larger named brands offer.

Two months into the design process and things were cracking on. All the goods were chosen and sent to the factory to be signed off for full production. As the weeks went by my colleague started to send the finished item photos through and boy were they impressive.

Order is now complete and should be with us mid July. Price is yet undecided but as a small company we're looking at the £12.95 mark which is incredible for the quality and amount of items in the set.

There is a pre-order deal we've set up for the first 100 customers. We are letting the first 100 go for a huge 30% discount......£9.00 with FREE delivery.

Our full set comprises of:

6 x charcoal pencils, (1 white, 1 light, 2 medium and 2 dark).

3 x Tortillions in size 2, 4 and 6.

1 x black sharpener.

1 x eraser

See our main sales page for pre Orders or you can wait till they're here. We also sell our products on Amazon UK.

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