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Charcoal Pencil Set Design.

As part of our ImpactSketch Community I want to share my journey with you and show you our process of bringing in our new products and lines.

We started out by creating our brand, ImpactSketch. We chose the name because when a person looks at a great sketch, painting or piece of artwork we wanted the art to have an Impact upon the viewer. Hence the Impact and Sketch.

We've all looked at that one piece of artwork in our lives that's totally blown our minds. That's the Impact. It stays with you forever. We want our site to build into a Community where people can come and view great artwork and talk about it with other like minded people. We want our Community to help bring in the next pencil set, sketchbook or paintbrush. To know that you have helped design, choose the items, paper thicknesses and even price of the items, we want you here with us every step of the way.

Our first products, A4 and A5 sketchbooks and 12 set of professional pencils were top quality. Made in the same premises as some of the big name brands. The only difference was the selling price (ours was much lower) and the fact our brand name is on the goods, not theirs.

We generally order in sets of 1000 due to discounts and production costs. What we hope for in the coming year is to build up such a great Community so that when we release details of the next product.....the first batch of 1000 items will be on pre order. These orders will be discounted to our pre order customers so that when they do land at our UK distribution, they go out straight away to our customers. From design to order and through to delivery, we hope you will watch us through this with the updates we will place on our site. You will also have purchased the first run of a brand new item. Pre order customers will not only get a good discount on our items but they will be the first in the Country to own our new item. There is something special about being the first.

Our current deal is going to be a Charcoal Pencil Set, consisting of 6 mixed pencils, 3 tortillions of varying sizes, a sharpener and eraser.

All the items will be placed into an ImpactSketch presentation tin with a brand new design on the tin cover.

The big brands sell these sets for £15+. We're gonna be running a competition soon to design the tin cover sketch. We're gonna be asking YOU, our Community what the price should be set at......we're thinking in the region of £9.95 - £12.95. Any ImpactSketch Community Pre Orders will again be discounted to get our name known.

The image below is still in the planning stage and is without the items being labelled and presented in the correct packaging.

This has taken months of samples, designs, enquiries, blood and sweat. The basic products have been chosen. Let's now create the final design, tin cover sketch and watch us grow.

I'm gonna keep you all updated with this new product as more information comes from the factory. Wait till you see what we can produce. You tell us what to produce.

Please stand by, keep coming back to our site and look out for updates. Join us on Facebook or Instagram and if you want to be one of the first then place a pre order from our order page.....what you willing to pay for that complete set ImpactSketcher?

There will be 100 taken on pre order for now. Please join us.

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