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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I want it in my room.

Updated: Jun 4

What kind of artwork do you want, hanging on your living room wall, new outside bar or even a bedroom. Everybody has a different taste, that's why the world revolves as it does. Personally I am a realism type of guy. I am amazed looking at a sketch of something that looks like it's more real that the real thing itself.

My son (13) started drawing when he was very young, I'm talking 3/4 years of age. Every time he put a pencil in his hand he used his left hand. Every time he did this I took it from him and placed it in his right hand - don't ask me why I did this but I did. He would doodle and I would laugh, mainly because his drawings were much better than mine could have ever been. I am not a drawer myself but I certainly appreciate looking at great pieces of art.

As my son grew up he continued in his plight to excel in drawing. I would often notice him drawing for hours in his bedroom. He had a fascination with drawing eyes and would stay there until it was perfect. Now I could just sit and watch him sketch, whilst sipping a cool gin n tonic (with Ice). I do watch in envy, not understanding how the mind works when transferring what he sees onto the paper. I have tried mimic what he does, but I must have two left hands, (I am right handed) as the outcome is pretty pathetic.

I remember going up several months ago and he called me into his room to show me his latest masterpiece, yet again another eye. I walked in the room and there, presented on his desk was the most beautiful eye I have ever seen.

I sat and looked at it amazed, following every line and contour of each individual eyelash that he had painstakingly sketched on the paper. The veins displayed, deep inside the retina and even the reflection through the pupil.

How deep do you look into your newly purchased piece of art? Do you check every brushstroke? Do you feel the imagination oozing from the artists hand? I sit in awe, thinking what my 13yr old will produce in 10, even 20 years time. Will it still fascinate him as much as it does me?

So! If you are an art lover, or just mildly appreciate the odd fleeting glance, I say this to you. Go find your piece of art, the one hanging in the hallway that you know is there but have never took the adventure of having a deeper look. Check out every nook and cranny and bring yourself to understand the power of art. This can work with master art pieces or even the little sketch that your 5yr old brought home from their school yesterday. In fact, these younger ones often throw in a few hidden secrets into theirs. When they portray the little "pot" belly that daddy has, when really daddy looks in the mirror and sees his Cristiano Ronaldo 6 pack. Keep these sketches, for in years to come they can often be revealed to new family members where you can have a wonderful chuckle over a bottle of wine.

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