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Help us create our next product

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Welcome everyone. We would like our community to help us to create, order and bring to sale our next products on ImpactSketch. Our very next product is already touted to be a fantastic item, at a fantastic price. It's gonna be a charcoal pencil set consisting of 1 x light, 2 x medium and 2 x hard + a white pencil tom compliment the set. They will all be pre-sharpened and fitted beautifully inside an ImpactSketch collectors tin. We are also throwing in a sharpener, an eraser and 3 x tortillons. The pencils will all have our ImpactSketch logo on them. These are made at a similar factory to the big boys (nameless) but due to us having smaller overheads we can offer them at a much smaller price. The quality however will be the same as the bigger companies offer.

What we need now is someone to design the front cover for us, as a competition. We have a few basics to to go on the front cover but the main picture will be completed by one of our ImpactSketch Community members. Of course we will reward the winner with a full ImpactSketch Mega Set of goodies, and a Charcoal Pencil Set when they turn up.

If you're interested please drop a message below and start to submit some of your work on here for all to see.

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